Any one got a good cure for hiccups....please...hic....hic…?

Answer This works i swear! i consentrate and control my breathing or a while. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly. It works for me. Cause when you have hiccups your diaphram is out of just take ... Read More »

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Does anyone know a good cure for the flu?

No cure I'm afraid, but try cuddling up under a warm duvet with some trashy DVDs and a hot toddie to help you feel better in the meantimeGet well soon!

What is a good cure for fatigue?

have you had plenty of water & a snack after school???do you go to bed early enough to get plenty of sleep, my kids got about 10 hours sleep at your age or they at least read in bed for an hour & ... Read More »

Does anyone know a good hang over cure?

Anyone got a good hangover cure. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Can of red bull, paracetamol and a bacon sandwich, in what ever order, then a good sleep. DON'T go to work, when i've got a hangover, i get them so bad, i'd rather lose my job then go to work!!!!!!... Read More »