Any one ever ate at a restaurant "melting pot"?

Answer I LOVE THE MELTING POT!!! I've only been to the one in Winter Park, FL, and it's a great atmosphere. The only real light you have in there is candlelight which makes it so romantic. Also, they sell... Read More »

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Did Oprah Winfrey ever own a restaurant in Chicago?

Because she felt like it has been going on for quite a while and it's kinda like retiring. There really is not a reason.

Has anyone ever been to "The View Restaurant" in NYC?

it might get you dizzy because it is a revolving restaurant . if you are a vegetarian.. not the best place... its not that expensive if you are doing buffet .are u going for lunch or dinner. desser... Read More »

When, if ever, do you send food back in a restaurant?

It's okay to send food back under the following circumstances:a) if it's not cooked as you ordered it (i.e. it's well done and you wanted rare)b) If it's not what you ordered (i.e. you ordered stea... Read More »

Have you ever left a restaurant without eating?

Yes just a few weeks ago. The waiter's breath smelled like **** and he had a weird lazy eye and he was dirty... We ordered drinks and didn't even touch them... We gave the hostess $10.00 to cove... Read More »