Any-one can Verify Twitter account or only well known people/celebrities can verify?

Answer Right now they're only verifying a handful of accounts, including well known accounts at risk of repeated, proven impersonation, and government agencies. they're only able to verify a small number ... Read More »

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How to verify a friendster account?

did you mean, how do you verfiy an email addressed used for a friendster account? if so, that's easy.when you signed up for friendster, they send you an email, using the email address you provided.... Read More »

How to Verify a PayPal Account?

Having a verified PayPal account means that you have provided PayPal additional information to prove your identify. This gives potential customers more confidence in your legitimacy, and qualifies ... Read More »

How do I verify checking account funds?

The Basic ProcessCall the bank that issued the check, contacting if possible the home branch of the person who wrote the check. Ask to speak with someone who can verify checking information. This i... Read More »

Is It Safe To Verify YouTube Account?

Its just to confirm you are an actual human and that if you start uploading inappropriate content because of the features you get they can do something about it, you'll be fine. millions of people ... Read More »