Any ointments for Sprain?

Answer REST: Rest and elimination of activity which aggravates the injury.ICE: Apply Cold to stop pain and restrict excess Fluid to the injury.COMPRESSION: To further inhibit swelling caused by excess Flu... Read More »

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OTC Ointments?

The skin, which is the largest organ in the human body, is also one of the most sensitive. As a result, the skin can become itchy, irritated or inflamed by a number of culprits and conditions. A va... Read More »

The Best Ointments?

All ointments are dermatological preparations, thus for external use only. Majorities of them contain petroleum and come in liquid form or semi-solid form. A wide range of ointments is available in... Read More »

Ointments for Toothaches?

Toothaches can be the result of bacteria that stick to your teeth. The bacteria releases acids that eventually eat through the enamel of your teeth. A toothache is often an indicator that you have ... Read More »

Is ethylenediamine used in ointments?

Ethylenediamene is not found in ointments in its pure form, but rather in a derivative. Ethylenediamene mixed with carbon disulfide creates a class of amines known as ethylenebisdithiocarbamates. T... Read More »