Any of you body-builders have good results with branched chain amino acids?

Answer yes, I use it on my vulva as a contraceptive

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Dietary amino acids How body uses them?

I'm not an expert on this subject & wish i can do more to help but I'm hoping that this link will help u with the information that you are looking for. good luck & again i hope this helps->http://... Read More »

How to Study the Chemistry of Amino Acids in the Human Body?

Amino acids are a class of organic compounds that are important biologically due to their incorporation in the molecular structure of proteins. In addition they can function as neurotransmitters al... Read More »

How to Understand the Biological Importance of Amino Acids in the Body of Humans?

This article tries to emphasize the importance of amino acids as biological molecules in the body of humans and mammalians in general.

What are the 20 amino acids?

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