Any new proxy sites that school have not blocked yet?

Answer You may want to reconsider using proxies to access Myspace. Computers in schools are tightly monitored you can get suspended from school or get your computer privileges taken away when you get caug... Read More »

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How can you get on facebook when your at school and all the proxy sites are blocked?

My school has blocked Facebook and all proxy sites. How can I get around it?

View Facebook when you are not at school.

My school blocked EVERYTHING facebook, myspace, any proxy or unblock sites. what can i do i'm in withdrawl!?

You could try using Yuniti ( ), it often isn't blocked.

How do you get on myspace at school with some of the proxy's blocked?

You don't! There is a reason why MySpace is blocked while you are at school. Because the computer at school is for school use only. So use it at home. Imagine if everyone got use of MySpace, nobo... Read More »