Any natural cures for dry cracked feet?

Answer Pineapple juice works wonders

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Natural Cures for Dry, Cracked Feet?

Dry, cracked skin on the feet is especially common in winter but can strike at any time. Many natural treatments, both topical and internal, can address this problem. Natural treatments include to... Read More »

Natural Cures for Stinky Feet?

When your feet sweat, it creates a nasty odor making your feet, shoes and socks stink. Foot odor is unpleasant, both for the person with the stinky feet and for everyone around him. Luckily for eve... Read More »

How to Make a Natural Moisturizing Ointment for Dry Cracked Skin on Hands or Feet?

This natural moisturizing ointment helps to heal dry cracked skin on the hands or feet. This ointment also helps to moisturize the surrounding skin. When using to heal cracked hands or feet, I sugg... Read More »

Cures for Cracked Lips?

Chapped lips are one of life's little irritations. If you ignore them, those chapped lips can become cracked lips and be more than a small irritation. They can hurt and bleed. Fortunately, there ar... Read More »