Any las Vegas dancers on here?

Answer I writing this to all u morons who r telling her to get a different job. I am a dancer have been for over 6 yrs and i love it. why put down dancers? r u jealous that dancers can make as much if no... Read More »

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In your opinion do the dancers of Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance show less personality and technique than the dancers of past seasons?

Yes! The dancers this season do not appear to be nearly as talented as those of seasons 2 or 3, and their personalities are slightly dull.

Where are the honest and trustworthy ladies here in vegas?

We are all married to the lucky guys who wooed us!Actually, most women meet their mates at work! Most of my married friends met that way. I have lived in Vegas all of my life and the guys I dated I... Read More »

Can a property management office evict you after 5 days after the 5th of the month here in Las Vegas and can they also charge you all those late fees?

Get a copy of your lease and check what it says about late payments. Most do charge late fees and if you are late a number of times, they evict you. If the fees are beyond that, check the Landlord ... Read More »

Can someone be deported if their parents are here and siblings have been born here but they were not born here?

well for the first part if u were not born here then u have to give up your citzen ship in the other place and become a citzen there