Any ideas on how to teach my 2 year old her ABC's?

Answer The ABC song has nothing to do with letter recognition and reading skills. It is just a song. Start with the letters in her name as these have personal meaning to her. Begin with the first lette... Read More »

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Ideas for Teaching Three-Year-Olds the ABCs?

Prepare a three-year old for preschool by introducing him to the names and sounds of the alphabet. At this age, he can begin to recognize the letters and sounds. Use songs, games, and visual elemen... Read More »

How do I Teach ABCs Online?

Teaching the alphabet to children or new English speakers online is easier now to do than ever. With online tools available to the public, you can share your knowledge of the alphabet with people f... Read More »

How to Teach ABCs With Flashcards?

Teaching children the alphabet is one of the basic fundamentals of reading. Without letter recognition, children cannot learn phonics skills. Thus, reading would be impossible. Depending on childre... Read More »

Why Teach the ABCs in Kindergarten?

ABC instruction formally begins in kindergarten. Students need to know the names of all 26 letters as well as be able to associate each letter with its sound and shape. Children should be proficien... Read More »