Any ideas on a good product to remove product buildup on my hair?

Answer This may sound a bit strange . . . but I swear by it. I have really thick, curly hair, and here's what a salon owner told me to do years ago; I've been doing it once a week ever since:Before you g... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Product Buildup in Your Hair?

While a variety of hair products, from gel to mousse to hair spray, can pull your hairstyle together, over time these sticky products can cause a buildup on your hair that's tough to remove. Produc... Read More »

Home Remedies for Hair Product Buildup?

Hair spray, mousse, gel, conditioner, hair dye--women and men use a lot of products to keep their hair looking great. Unfortunately, these products can be problematic for the hair and scalp if they... Read More »

What product is good for relaxed hair?

I use terax shampooI use terax, bumble &bumble, Schwarzkopf, orofluido and healthy sexy hair deep conditioners.I use terax leave in conditioner. I wash(shampoo and condition) my relaxed hair every ... Read More »

A good hair product to add body?

i have THICK hair and i use tressemme its awsome! i have waaavy hair but tresemme made it sooo straight :D hope i helped!