Any ideas of what to do in New Orleans I am going tomorrow for the first time.?

Answer Be sure to see the park where all the artists are.Also drive up and down their streets and seethe downtown area, streets like Canal street.Mardi Gras is the ideal time to go there.-

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I am going on motorway for the first time tomorrow and am terrified!?

Don't be, your much more likely to have an accident on the normal roads. That's a fact.

Going to get make up tomorrow for the first time any suggestions ?

since you are going into middle school you are still young, so i wouldn't recommend wearing too much makeup. :)mascara: if you want mascara with some color too it i would recommend maybelline one b... Read More »

Taking my first aid and CPR for the first time tomorrow?

Don't worry - there's absolutely nothing to be nervous about.First, it IS a good thing to take. In many places in the country, if somebody goes into cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, their cha... Read More »

I am going to college tomorrow and I want to look sporty-with leggings. I need ideas?

leggings with cute sneakers and a loose top that droops off ur shoulder a little bit on one side. hair in a pony tail w little strands falling out the sides to look sporty but not a super sleak ove... Read More »