Any ideas for really nice tasty veggie gravy?

Answer This one is very basic:Fry up (in water or oil) finely chopped onions, garlic, celery, a bit of carrot until fully cooked. Add water, and vegetarian bullion. If you like, add some dried mushroom ... Read More »

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Tasty and healthy fruit and veggie recipes?

you can create fruit salads with cottage cheese, oats, nuts or yogurtor u can make urself a smoothie u need a blender:-choose 1-3 fruits of ur choice such as melon, apricot, mango orange, strawberr... Read More »

Had a veggie burger bought on a recent Amtrak ride back was really really bad tasting?

Railway food is notoriously poor and expensive. It's a captive market and you should take your own food.

How would you like an apricot cooler today for a nice spring drink Does it sound tasty?

Sounds very delicious! We have an apricot tree that I always look forward to in August, or late July. It gives fruit sort of later in the season then some do. Anyway, I have always loved apricots a... Read More »

What can I put in my mash to make it really tasty?

cheese & chivesFried crisy bacon & shedded onionGarlic & herbsI've done em all & they're all great!