Any hope for pain relief if allergic to codeine?

Answer Ask your doctor about Nefopam hydrochloride. You can also try ibuprofeun, diclofenac, etc There's plenty of medication thats not codiene based if a doctor is prepared to think about giving you some... Read More »

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My wife just saw a fmly practitionor since her regular OB was out. She thinks she might have a cracked rib. The doc prescribed codeine to help w pain. Is this OK to take with 28 wks into preg?

Answer She should go to the doctor do not try to treat this at home just in case it is something more severe it can be diagnosed and treated properly at the doctors office or hospital if you try t... Read More »

What's better for pain relief?

For tonsillitis - aspirin in a liquid form that you can gargle or swill around the area in pain.

Fibromyalgia- what are others way to get relief from the pain?

First and foremost, fibromyalgia IS a real illness. There is at least one specific test that is used as part of making a differential diagnosis. I'm shocked that the first respondant here doesn't... Read More »

Pain relief during childbirth?

my first baby is due 19th April. I am so scared that it makes me husband tells me that everything is going to be ok...yes, but he is not the one who is going to be in pain!!