Any healthy food blogs out there?

Answer Hey, check out It's full of useful info and updated heaps regularly. It's the one I personally use. If you want more, check out Tumblr blogs, there are heaps in that category.Hope I h... Read More »

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Does anyone know any good youtube channels or blogs for healthy recipes? Is a pretty good website for recipes. No videos but lots of simple healthy recipes.

Why is Junk food the cheapest food, and healthy food is expensive?

That's a good question. That's why people who are financially challenged suffer from obesity. I'm sure more people would love to be able to eat more healthfully but they really cannot afford to. Ju... Read More »

Why are the chefs on TV programs always overweight Why don't we ever see healthy chefs fixing healthy food?

There was a show on Food Network called "Healthy Appetite" with Ellie Krieger. You can find her videos on I've made some of her dishes and I think they're good. Her show was only O... Read More »

What's the most healthy food to eat?

Oh nuts, everyone said all the good ones, WAIT that's my answer! NUTS!!! :))