Any healthy food blogs out there?

Answer Hey, check out It's full of useful info and updated heaps regularly. It's the one I personally use. If you want more, check out Tumblr blogs, there are heaps in that category.Hope I h... Read More »

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Is there any healthy chinese food?

chinese food is pretty healthy in my opinion if you know what to order. I adore Chinese food.

Are there any healthy fast food chains in the USA?

Chipoltle Mexican uses some organic ingredients.

Is there a way to make SOUL FOOD healthy...?

All righty then, Roberto B. But, after all that, you still did not answer her question!!**Bake your chicken, instead of frying.**Use turkey in your recipe instead of pork**Never use butter in your... Read More »

Is there any reliable scientific data proving GM food is healthy?

Nope. There's no good data either way, actually. And there probably won't be for another 20 years, when everyone will either have horrible cancer caused by long term exposure to modified corn, or e... Read More »