Any good ways of reducing sunburn pain?

Answer solarcaine and an aspirinor take a bath with some tea bags

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What are some good ways to reduce the pain of a sunburn that is blistering?

This will sound strange to you... sponge down with vinegar, white distilled vinegar. It does two things. First, the acidity minimizes the risk of infection of the skin. Second it soothes and pro... Read More »

What are good ways to get rid of toothache pain?

amy had some good advice.. dont rub the tylenol on your gums and tooth (that does not work)... see if anyone you know can sell you a few pain pills till you can get to the dentist..

What are your top ways of relaxing and reducing stress?

A relaxed mind can't live in a tense body.Try having downtime, spirital or meditation. A time-out for stress relief is great. Step out of the stressful situation for a moment and breath in as dee... Read More »

Ways to help sunburn!?

Buy aloe or get aloe leaves and break them open. Take a cold shower. Rub lotion on the sunburn. (but running lotion is the thing I always do for mine)