Any good search engines besides the wikipedia ?

Answer Wikipedia is a good site but that is beside the point. Search for information on Google or Yahoo Search but use advanced search and exclude hits which contain the word Wikipedia.

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Are there any good search engines out there besides google?

I've been using a new search engine called SweetSearch and have found it to be really good. It is from a company that creates guides to the best sites on a variety of topics (health, education, tra... Read More »

Can you guys suggest other search engines besides google,msn,aol,yahoo? - you've seen the commercials - you will make Bill Gates happy - you've been on the internet too long. Good luck and Happy Computing!

Can I Make My Own WIKIPEDIA Article, If So, How And WIll It Appear High In Search Engines?

no. they will delete it, and say whatever you wrote about is a joke! dont go on that website! theyre assholes!! better luck standing on the street and telling people. DONT LISTEN TO DANNY! he answe... Read More »

Besides Wikipedia what else is good?

Good for what? Good for an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit? Sorry, but there are no good alternatives to Wikipedia.