Any good, romantic goth movies or just goth movies in general(doesn't have to be romantic)?

Answer Bram Stokers DraculaInterview with the vampireSleepy hollowCorpse brideThe woman in blackFrom hellBrotherhood of the wolfSweeney toddWolfmanPhantom of the operaThe uninvitedWuthering heightsPerfume... Read More »

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How to Be a Romantic Goth?

Too often, Goths are mistaken for morbid, creepy and harshly dark. Admittedly, some styles of Goth, such as Deathrockers and Vampire Goths can be classed as aestheticly outward and dark. But there ... Read More »

How to Be a Young Romantic Goth?

You are interested in the Romantic Goth look, but you are still very young? Then read this!

How to Create a Romantic Goth Look?

The Gothic culture is usually related to dark, depressed, etc. Not only is this wrong, it is can be rather offensive. Romantic goths are usually intelligent and very emotional. Poetry and literatur... Read More »

How to Apply Romantic Goth Make Up?

The Romantic Goth look is now more popular than ever. Even if you are not a goth, this gives a sweet yet distinctive style. If you would like to learn how to apple Romantic Goth makeup follow the s... Read More »