Any good remedies to cure my sore throat?

Answer drink elderberry tea. it will coat your throat. You can also gargle with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. That will dissolve any mucous in the back of your throat that is probably causing... Read More »

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What home remedies can cure my sore throat?

My dad used to say gargle with salt water

What are the instant home remedies to cure sore throat?

Here are some ideas:Sore Throat treatment using Mango BarkMango bark is efficacious in the treatment of a sore throat and other throat disorders. Its fluid, which is extracted by grinding, can be a... Read More »

I have a sore throat and want to get rid of it as soon as possible :( know any good natural remedies?

Gargle with warm salt water. It's the quickest way to rid yourself of a sore throat. Do it whenever you can. but the best result is morning and especially at night. Don't rinse out your mouth after... Read More »

What are some good home remedies for a sore throat?

Hi StarMoon...At the very start of a sore throat its a good idea if you can get hold of some to take Zinc/Vitamin C (combined) lozenges. This may hopefully stop anything further developing, insha'A... Read More »