Any good remedies... for?

Answer Get some "Emergen-C" or "Airborne" at your pharmacy (both are over-the-counter). They're packed with vitamins that will stop your cold in its tracks, as long as you're not already sick! Also eat lo... Read More »

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Any Good remedies to get up in the morning?

I'm getting a cold, anybody got any good remedies?

There is no way to get rid of it, however there are a lot of good ways of helping it clear up that little bit faster, or at very least make you feel better;-Drink lots of water.-Drinking hot ginger... Read More »

Herbal remedies good or bad?

Herbal remedies have all the same risks chemical remedies do. There's always the chance for allergic reaction, interaction between them and other natural or chemical substances you might be taking... Read More »

Good hangover remedies?

I dont think their are any 100% cures but I always take two tylenol before i pass out and two when i wake up seems to help for me but sweating it out is really the best way but who wants to do that... Read More »