Any good period stories out there?

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Period Stories?

ok well mine happened at homw it my mom so that was not a good story but my cusin got hers in the 5th grade. she went to the bathroom and then didnt kno what to do the nurse was out that day and s... Read More »

Any embarassing period stories?

Once I was in bed with a girl when she had one. She was really embarrassed, and I thought she was going to start crying, so I thought I had better defuse the situation.I said, "Good Lord, I've been... Read More »

Embarrassing period stories ?

One time I was at school and I knew that something felt weird that day and so I didn't know until I got into 4th period that I had blood all over my shorts.So I had to call my mom in front of the w... Read More »

Embarrasing period horror stories?

I was in school. My period was supposed to be really light (it was, like, the 5th day already). I was coming out of science, and walked in front of 2 REALLY hot guys, and they started laughing. ... Read More »