Any good optional 120mm case fans?

Answer I got a haf 912 and also needed some fans. I bought the coolermaster regular 120mm fans that they have pre-installed in a lot of their cases as they do the job and are also silent even at full 1200... Read More »

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Case fans good enough?

It sounds like you are going to have plenty of ventilation. If you want it quieter, see if you can go to 120 mm fans. They can more more air at a lower RPM.

Are fan-less video cards a bad choice Do you need more case ventilation than the standard 120mm fan?

It's best of have as much ventilation as possible, as big fans as possible and get the highest rpm rated fans you can find and 120mm is fine. Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way fan less vi... Read More »

Any good 92mm case fans?

Nope, most of 'em are not as good as the other fans...Good luck!

Case fans........?

I have built a few machines with this case, the fans are 80mm and there are 5 of them.I wouldn't worry about CFM too much. You are going to have 5 fans running plus your PS fan(s). That will be ple... Read More »