Any good hangover cures please!!?

Answer Give up drinking

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Has any one got any good hangover cures?

Obviously too late since you already have the hangover, but next time drink water simultaneous to you drinking alcohol...then sleep, a lot.

Any good hangover cures?

There is debate about whether a hangover might be prevented or at least mitigated. The most important thing to remember though, is that there is no remedy for making yourself sober. Alcohol must be... Read More »

Dying of a hangover any good cures?

If you can't keep water down, get some 7up or sprite and sip (if it goes flat so much the better) Also try sucking boiled sugar sweets. the idea is to reduce the stomach acid and stop the vomit re... Read More »

Anyone got a good hangover cure. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Can of red bull, paracetamol and a bacon sandwich, in what ever order, then a good sleep. DON'T go to work, when i've got a hangover, i get them so bad, i'd rather lose my job then go to work!!!!!!... Read More »