Any good comedy books out there?

Answer Japer FordePeter farrellyBenjamin Zephaniah

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Read any good books lately Garden Books that is?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUEI hope this isn't spamming but you did ask a question that would require a "brand" name. The garden book that everyone at least in California has been waiting for is h... Read More »

What is a good comedy show?

well im not sure if you will like what i like but the best comedy for me is my wife and kids, sonny with a chance, and two man & a half.... FRIENDS, MASH, Will and Grace, Big Lake, Bel Air, Family ... Read More »

Did you think "Warm Bodies" was a good comedy?

Warm Bodies was awesome. Funny, with action, and some romance. Very enjoyable on a shallow level and a deep level. Like if you take a look at the symbolism it's really deep, but even if you don't, ... Read More »

Jay Leno appear on the comedy good times?

Yes, Jay Leno was a patient in the VD clinic waiting room Jimmy JJ Walker was visiting.