Any fast ways to get over a hangover?

Answer Here was my hangover cure in college. Nothing magic, but it helped:-1 bottle gatorade- 32 oz and drink as quickly as possible (electolytes and clense system)-2 multi vitamins (these replace the mi... Read More »

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What are the best ways to cure a hangover?

If you know who Dr. Oz is (He is a frequent on Oprah and also an author) here is what he had to say on the Oprah show recently that I thought was interesting....keep in mind, NEVER take tylenol whi... Read More »

Get rid of a hangover fast?

Hangover help fast please?

Sorry, you're SOL on that one buddy!Alcohol dehydrates you as you get drunk.If you didn't drink a pint of water for every pint of cider, there's nothing you can do about it now!You WILL get a hango... Read More »

Hangover help!! fast!! ?

Easy. Start slamming water now, your body is dehydrated. If you can eat a banana, drink some OJ/Gatorade, and have some vitamin B12 to help your body replenish it's potassium, vitamin C, electrolyt... Read More »