Any famous people on here?

Answer i'm famous in my own mind

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This is a stupid question anyone famous in here tell the truth...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Why would a famous person reveal themselves in here??I'd think this is one of the few places we can be anonymous and free of annoying fans. Sometimes it's nice to be normal.

How many Caucasian people here are scared of Black people?

Well here is a little knowledge... I think the world is. Ok ..Since us the African Americans were forcably brought to a civilization that wasn't our own, we were also forced to adapt. We the Africa... Read More »

Y do so many people endanger themselves by asking people advice on here when they should see a doctor?

Because doctors are expensive and often not very attentive. And it's almost imppossible to go see one unless you have insurance, which alot of people don't have. Even if you do have it, there is us... Read More »

Do famous people pay people to write their Wikipedia articles Or write them themselves?

Only the mildly famous write their own Wikipedia articles. The truly famous have enough crazed fans and anti-fans to write their article without being asked, whether or not the celebrity wants it.I... Read More »