Any embarrassing drunken stories?

Answer I got drunk at a club last week and got naked on the stage at the club and started dancing around naked. Afterwards, I put back on my pants and sat down on a couch. I was so drunk that ten minute... Read More »

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What are your embarrassing bra stories?

When I was 19 I had a bra and everytime I wore it something bad happened. I can't remember all the horrible things because at 19 everything seems like the end of the world. Anyway after a car accid... Read More »

Embarrassing stories!!?

you are not going to get pleasure from my pain

DO you have any embarrassing period stories?

wow that IS embarassing!!! hehe well since you aren't getting many answers i'll leave you a few of mine. This one time I was in Middle school and it was a quite large school, well we all had to sta... Read More »

Embarrassing period stories ?

One time I was at school and I knew that something felt weird that day and so I didn't know until I got into 4th period that I had blood all over my shorts.So I had to call my mom in front of the w... Read More »