Any dentists out there! My jaw popped while i yawned, help on fixing this please?

Answer That happens a lot to me too. It usually goes back to normal on its own, but you can try shift it around a little to maybe pop it back into place. It mightve been how you sleep, it couldve slipped ... Read More »

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Help with fixing this computer please?

Try this:Firstly, boot your computer to the Safe Mode menu screen. You do this by repeatedly pressing F8 as soon as you boot up. Once there, use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode with Networkin... Read More »

My left jaw popped wheni yawned?

It sounds like your lower jaw (mandible) popped out of its socket when you yawned, as you opened your mouth wider than you would normally do. If the problem results in stiffness or pain, or you are... Read More »

Wrist popped, help me out please?

You probably dislocated it or popped it out of place. The only thing doctors can do is pop it back in place. You can do that on your own,or have somebody do it but be careful and tell the person no... Read More »

Fixing my stairs please help?

It depends on how big the missing chip is and what shape. If you can find a piece of wood slightly bigger than the chip, either cut the wood to fit the chip or cut the chip to straighten its edges ... Read More »