Any cures to help soothe sunburn?

Answer The website below has a list of folk remedies anywhere from vinegar to milk and cucumber. It also has suggestions on how to speed healing and what not to do.Hope this helps!

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How do you soothe sunburn?

This is going to sound strange, at least it did to me until I researched it. Apparently vinegar, any type but apple cider vinegar is great, works really well on sunburns! It's very soothing, from w... Read More »

What's the best way to soothe a nasty sunburn?

aloe burn relief gel cover the burnt area with many, many, MANY layers

What will soothe sunburn or sun poisoning?

calamine lotion rubbed on the burn will decrease itching. also rubbing aloe vera on the burn will help him to feel cooler as the aloe has that nice cooling feeling. it will also help keep the ski... Read More »

How to Use a Water Balloon to Soothe Sunburn?

Water balloons aren't just toys!Here's how to use them to cure sunburn!