Any conduct where one military member regardless of service or rank causes another military member regardless of service or rank to suffer or be exposed to an activity which is cruel abusive?

Answer hazing

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What cases did a military service member was accused of smoking spice a was dicharge from the service?

Always. Let me give an example. A soldier at Fort Drum, NY engages in sex with a 15 year-old in Ontario, where the age of consent is 15. The parents catch them, and call the local police, who are u... Read More »

To enroll as a member of a military service?

What is the order of rank for the Marines Military service?

What are you trying to ask when asking this question, Ie. rank

What was David Crockett's military rank or service record?

Before leaving for Texas, he held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in one of the Tennessee militias. When he traveled to Texas and fought at the Alamo, he wasn't a member of the organised Texas resis... Read More »