Any body please suggest me a the best hard disc camcorder for an personal use?

Answer Check out Sony's line of HDD equipment, such as the entry-level DCR-SR40 (MSRP $499). It offers excellent quality, similar to that of a mini-DV system, at a reasonable price. However, the hard driv... Read More »

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I am planning to buy a handycam for my personal use. dvd cam or hard disc drive cam. sony or canon?

If you want to edit video, neither harddrive or dvd.If you must go for the Sony.

CAMCORDER - What do you suggest?

Most video format today require a reasonably fast modern machine. Plenty of ram 3GB + better if double that, and a minimum of a quad core cpu. Even if you only record in Std DefHDD cameras are expe... Read More »

Do you suggest to buy DVD camcorder instead of mini DV?

I just bought the tape camcorder - canon .i am glad that i bought it .. the dvd is no better than it ....

Please Suggest a CHEAP CAMCORDER WITH 240 FPS @720..?

Hi jaseelops, the cameras that come closest are point and shoot and bridge cameras, not camcorders. The Panasonic FZ200 bridge camera shoots 120fps at 720p and 240fps at VGA resolution.Here is what... Read More »