Any body out there no any cures for mild sunburn ?

Answer well aloe is always he best route to will relieve alot of the burningand help the redness go away faster..and it will also help you not to peel..good luck

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What cures are there 4 sunburn?

1st degree and 2nd degree burns can easily be handled by placing cool compresses to the damaged area. You can also use over the counter medications but try to stay away from medications containing ... Read More »

Any cures to help soothe sunburn?

The website below has a list of folk remedies anywhere from vinegar to milk and cucumber. It also has suggestions on how to speed healing and what not to do.Hope this helps!

At L4_L5 there is mild right base disc bulge which causes mild foraminal stenosis on the right.?

Sounds like a direct quote from an MRI report! Yes, very common issue. A weak point in human design especially since we now sit so much and then after sitting for hours, get up and lift refrigerat... Read More »

Body Odor Cures?

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