Any body no any good cures for heart burn?

Answer I know this will sound weird, but try some vinegar. When I was pregnant I would swallow a tablespoon of vinegar and it would ease my heartburn. And I just don't have regular heartburn... I have ac... Read More »

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Heart Burn or early signs of a heart attack or heat stroke?

Get checked out by a doctor. That doesn't sound right. It's not heartburn (stomach acid).

Rug Burn Cures?

Rug burn (or carpet burn) commonly refers to abrasions, redness and swelling received when skin rubs repeatedly or especially harshly against coarse carpet fibers. A kind of mechanical burn caused... Read More »

What is heart burn and why is it called heart burn?

Heartburn is the same as indigestion. It often causes a burning sensation in the center of your chest because it's happening in your esophagus. Because it's in sort of the same area as your heart... Read More »

What are the causes, symptoms, cures and effects of these heart diseases?

Heart disease is preventable and manageable.Your best defense is controlling the risk factors that could lead to coronary artery disease, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, sm... Read More »