Any alternative other than adsense to monetize youtube views?

Answer try socibuzz dot com, you can monitize your youtube, google +, facebook and other social network..:))

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Is Google Adsense a Good Way To Monetize a Blog?

good techniques will pay you more. i got average $30 per month. i learn a lot from forum, video and good website

How to monetize blog if i dont have adsense?

You can monetize it with the help of Chitika, Adbrite :) Infolinks has good cpc also :)

Adsense hosted account - mother youtube channel cancel.. can I add another youtube channel to my adsense a/c?

Is your adsense account still okay, can you access it, is it still active? if your adsense account hasn't been banned then you should be able to make another youtube account and link it to your ads... Read More »

Does adsense pay you by how many clicks on ads or views of your website?

Yes , every time a user clicks "just once" you will receive a share of the commission the advertisers pay.similar, and pay by PC, Cost Per Click which is what AdSense is..There are also other servi... Read More »