Any advise on getting rid of period pains?

Answer take works....

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Why am I getting period pains while I'm pregnant?

Light pain in the abdomen is experienced by many women throughout pregnancy. Cramping and discomfort similar to that experienced during a menstrual period, however, can be caused by a variety of re... Read More »

I'm 39 weeks and getting bad period pains what does it mean?

Your body is getting ready to have the baby.Maybe your in labor.

If you are in the very early stages of pregnancy and are still getting period pains but no bleeding is this anything to worry about?

Answer Probably not.It is important to keep track of when the pains occur, how long, and are they intense or just uncomfortable?Don't be afraid to talk to your OB, the nurse practitioner or whomeve... Read More »

You have just stopped taking the pill when you had intercourse you dont think you were ovulating the week after your period now you have period pains 2 wks early but no period bloated and cant stop cr?