Any advice with making a YouTube?

Answer I would suggest having different channels and you can refer people to the others from each one. (note how the beauty guru I reference below refers people to her vlog and her comedy channel)The best... Read More »

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Any advice on making a roman blind?

For God's sake, people get a grip! This person was asking something pretty straightforward! The answer is this: You position the tape going across the width of the blind at the various intervals -... Read More »

Need advice on making mini quiches, please?

A few ideas and hints: I would use whipped cream cheese and/or goat cheese rather than ricotta. Ricotta is wonderful for a quiche but with a mini quiche, I feel it is too heavy and so I always use ... Read More »

Looking for video camera advice for making a movie?

It all depends on what your exact filming conditions are. Factors such as lighting, space, camera movement, and format will narrow down which cameras you will need for that particular shoot.Start ... Read More »

Camcorder Advice for YouTube?

Hi Hanna, and welcome to Yahoo!Answers: If your main interest is just in vlogging on YouTube, and you don't have any prior experience with photography or video, just do what many of the top-rated Y... Read More »