Any advice to bring back a "money tree" from the dead?

Answer Crassula argentea in winter months requires watering about once every two weeks unless your heat is high and they dry out prematurely. When actively growing in the summer up to twice a week. Dump a... Read More »

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How Can you bring a dead bonsai tree back to life?

Can you bring a dead indoor palm tree back to life?

Need a clear photo to tell. It depends if there is any life in the heart (top center new growth). Tug on it gently, if it pulls out, it's gone.

Which one of these dead musicians would you bring back?

If you could bring back just one dead musician who would it be?

Carl? Love to new name ;)I'd bring back...Michael Jackson. That's right. You never said "Someone to hang with"It'd be like bringing Jesus back (Sorry, you're atheist)But, could you imagine the hype... Read More »