Any advice or tips on getting teeth whitened by a dentist?

Answer I would advise getting your teeth whitened if you really want it. I think it helps with self esteem. I am currently going through the process of having my teeth whitened has well. They are using a ... Read More »

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Is it Worth getting your Teeth Whitened?

I say OTC whitening to save money you can also get 12% periode at healthstore to whiten teeth instead of the 3%

Im getting braces but I'm embarrassed for my dentist to see my teeth?

don't worry ! I just got my braces put on yesterday. My teeth are pretty yellow but slowly they're starting to get better cause of how I'm brushing now. I have really bad teeth too. One of my tooth... Read More »

Does Getting baby teeth out at the dentist hurt?

No, since baby teeth don't usually have roots. Everybody's pain tolerance is different but it's not that bad.

Moving tips and trick, advice for getting rid of stuff?

Pack as if you are going on a vacation, and take only what you really love. Pack it in duffle bags, suitcases, boxes - and then put the overflow you don't want in boxes for donation. You can even ... Read More »