Any advice or tips on getting teeth whitened by a dentist?

Answer I would advise getting your teeth whitened if you really want it. I think it helps with self esteem. I am currently going through the process of having my teeth whitened has well. They are using a ... Read More »

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Have you had your teeth whitened, and if so?

I had my dentist whiten my teeth and they did an amazing job! I have also tried the white stirps and brushing with tooth whitening tooth paste...and the results didn't do much...but the profession... Read More »

Would you pay to have your teeth whitened?

You're right, teeth aren't naturally white, in fact yellow teeth are much stronger and healthier than white - it's a fact my dentist told me.Really white teeth just don't look natural

How old to get your teeth professionally whitened?

...Sixteen.If you have tried the strips and found no change it may be because you are consuming something that counteracts the effect: tea, coffee, curry, smoking, etc.Get some baking soda and make... Read More »

Is it expensive to get your teeth whitened?

It can be if you go to a dentist, but you could just get so mewhiteing strips