Any advice on soothing sunburn?

Answer aloe vera is definitely the best thing if you can get hold of a plant.easy to buy in any decent garden centre.cut the hard outer skin from the leaf leaving a green sticky substance,looks like green... Read More »

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Whats the Best way to Soothe a Bad Sunburn I have tried soothing Gel.?

Put canned evaporated milk on and let it soak in. The next morning your burn will be a tan.

Bad sunburn....ouch!!!(need advice plz)?

The gel from an Aloe Vera plant will ease the soreness somewhat plus leave you will a cool sensation on the burned area.The plant has about 15 to 20 succulent leaves growing in an upright dense ros... Read More »

Advice Swelling from a sunburn?

You need to stay off of it, take some ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory) elevate that leg above your heart, and relax. If you feel feverish, you might have an infection. Any cuts, cracks, scrapes, at... Read More »

How can I stop unbearable sunburn itching Is hydrocortisone cream bad for sunburn?

For a quick fix before you do yourself any permanent injury, place an ice cube on the burn and move it around. The shock of the cold will stop the itch dead. Be warned though, this only works as lo... Read More »