Any advice on how to treat a strained neck?

Answer Forget immediate remedies, darling. If the two of you have "a connection," and you're going to be pursuing the amazing cleavage for as long as you can, you're going to have to get yourself a good c... Read More »

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How to treat a strained ankle at home?

Something frozendon't move itKeep it elevated

How to treat and manage a pulled/strained muscle?

I just recently got over a hamstring pull. Ice, Ice, Ice is your bestfriend! Rest it for a couple days, if you have an ace wrap put that on (but not too tight, you want some blood flow to your inju... Read More »

How to Treat Swollen Neck Glands?

Neck glands are actually lymph nodes located in the neck just beneath the jaw. They can become swollen when you develop a cold, an infection or throat irritation. When neck glands are swollen, it i... Read More »

How To Treat Swollen Glands In Jaw And Neck?

Ask a doctor. You should have these checked out. My dad has this problem last summer, he had cancer, so take care of yourself and see a dr. For some help. Anonymous