Any advice on how to do well on the Pacer Test?

Answer Pacer Test:The pacer test is a simple test to do well in. Just a few things to remember, and 10 tips!When running start of slow for the first 15 runs, if your doing it in number like 1, 2, 3, 4... ... Read More »

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How to Do the PACER Running Test?

The PACER is a running test that shows how many laps you can do. It can be fun but it's most of the time down right frustrating. You get more tired, that aching in your side is burning, you have to... Read More »

My driving test is on Wednesday (24th April 2013) and I just failed a mock test. I need some advice?

There is obviously a problem for you mentally with test conditions.Try to alter the way you look at the test - the examiner is not there to fail you - it is not you v them, they are just assessing ... Read More »

Drug Test Advice!?

You will fail cause most company's have went to the hair sample test rather than the urine test. Either way your screwed. What a waste you burn out.

I have just failed my driving test again any advice?

Pick yourself up and try again. Practise more and don't let it affect your confidence. You will pass, it doesn't matter how many times it takes.