Any advice on how I can STOP BITING MY NAILS?

Answer This might help you.....................Do you know that you have the same subtance in your nails(urea), thats also in your piss. xxx

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I can't stop biting my nails, can you give me some advice on how to stop please?

put really spicy oil on your nails. so then when u bite it, it will burn your tougue and gradually u will not bite them anymore

How Do I Stop Biting My Nails?

Nail biting seems like a harmless habit people do unconsciously when they are stressed or nervous, but the habit can have serious health problems in the long run. Your fingers come into contact wit... Read More »

How do I stop biting my nails.?

There is finger nail polish that tastes nasty, designed to help people. That helped me a some as I was definately aware of when I was biting my nails. Unfortunately, it kind of burns your eyes i... Read More »

How to stop biting nails?

I just quit biting mine like last week. One day I was like, this is so gross like I touch so much stuff throughout the day and I chew on that O_o so I quit biting and bought new pretty polishes tha... Read More »