Any Youtube video ideas?

Answer There are hundreds of tutorials out there. Try making a video about the funniest things in Minecraft or something like this. The main idea should be "funny" as you would get more visitors.Catalinht... Read More »

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Video ideas for youtube?

Prank calls . Or get a friend or two w u and go somewhere public and do stupid stuff and mess around and do pranks on ppl. Ppl think tht stuff is funny . Or make a music vid

Ideas for a science YouTube video? could video tape what me and my idiotic friends used to do (the whole mentos in the diet coke, put the top on, and kick it hahaa)I love science. You could do experiments, tips, opinions ... Read More »

Youtube video ideas help?

This is not a questipn, this is spam. SPAM. but i will check it out.

Ideas for a funny youtube video?

make a spoof of star anything, whats she interested in? she could rant about things she dont like or review some stuff