Any Youtube video ideas?

Answer There are hundreds of tutorials out there. Try making a video about the funniest things in Minecraft or something like this. The main idea should be "funny" as you would get more visitors.Catalinht... Read More »

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Video ideas for youtube?

Prank calls . Or get a friend or two w u and go somewhere public and do stupid stuff and mess around and do pranks on ppl. Ppl think tht stuff is funny . Or make a music vid

Youtube, video help and ideas?

i use videopad editor and it works great for me especially since i recently opened my youtube account:) can you please answer my questions(its got to do with youtube)

Any Ideas for a first Youtube Video?

Your ideas are good. "1. 45 Things you may not know about Minecraft X360 Edition." sounds like a good, clean intro video to your channel. If you want to build a following on Youtube you're going to... Read More »

Youtube video ideas help?

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