Any Way I Can Copy Stuff Off A Damaged CD?

Answer There's not enough information here. It could be the type of CD, the disc could be dirty (try cleaning with a soft tissue and windex or a CD cleaning solution. Good luck.

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How to Copy a Damaged DVD Video With Freeware?

DVDs (digital video discs) are discs, much like CDs, but with the capability of holding much more information. Also like CDs, DVDs can be easily scratched and damaged, making them skip, stall or no... Read More »

Printer driver - how can I find on my damaged computer and copy to new?

If it's part of a W 7 update then the one on your old computer willNOT work.You need to downlaod the updates on your new laptop so theybe installed properly.I have an old Canon i250 and the driver ... Read More »

Can i copy stuff from wikipedia and put it in my web site?

For the record: with a couple notable exceptions, Wikipedia content *is* copyrighted. It's just released under a much less restrictive license than most copyrighted stuff. (The exceptions are quo... Read More »

I need help on copying stuff off the internet or my email. How do I copy only the part of the page I want?

Go to file>print. In the next screen you will see some options, one being print range. Select pages and enter the page you want to print. This will only print the pages you are telling it to. If yo... Read More »