Any Software to translate website in dreamweaver?

Answer anything else? or we would need to hire a Translator to translate pages?

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What is Dreamweaver software?

Adobe Dreamweaver is web-development-authoring software that allows site owners to code and design every layout aspect of their pages to create professional, fully functional websites.Site Manageme... Read More »

How to Create a Website Using Dreamweaver CS3?

The process of building a website can be intimidating, but with such web coding software as Dreamweaver much of website building has been streamlined and simplified so that even a novice can build ... Read More »

How to Build a Website with Dreamweaver CS4?

Adobe Dreamweaver is a user-friendly option for designing websites. Building a website with Dreamweaver can be a source of fun, self-expression and opportunity. Dreamweaver equips you with the tool... Read More »

How do i start a website in dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver is a popular Adobe program you can use to build websites. It is a dynamic program that allows you to see each step of the website as you create it, so you will not have to type in HTML ... Read More »