Any Real good articles on Encapsulation in programming Anyone could suggest?

Answer My first suggestion is that you try using Google to do a quick search using the following keywords: Encapsulation Programming Then I would go to such links as the following: http://en.wikipedia.... Read More »

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Can anyone suggest a good name for a country style pub selling bar lunches and real ale.?

The Parsnip and Pumpkin.The Latch and Ratchet.The Goose in the Strawberries.The Donkey and Larch.The Uncrossed KeysThe Slightly-Off-White HorseThe Plantpot and DriftwoodAny help?

I am new to programming. can you suggest me a book that will help me learn the very basics of programming?

you haven't mentioned which language are you learning.But still programming is more logic than the language itself.So in order to develop these skills you can start with c or C++ and you get the b... Read More »

Can anyone suggest where I could find someone who paints murals on interior walls?

May I suggest you visit your local Art College. I am sure there are a few top class would be artists who would be keen to do the work for you free as long as you let the person(s) take some pics o... Read More »

Can anyone suggest a good?

You are looking for a solution to a problem, but the program that you have is the problem. Instead of looking for free programs that help do the job that outlook should be doing in the first place,... Read More »