Any NATURAL remedies for a cold?

Answer vitamin Cechnichiea (sp)licorice to cleanse the lungs of congestion.zinc supplementsaromatherapy: eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen to open the nasal passages.

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How to Treat a Cold With Natural Remedies?

There are many natural remedies proven to help shorten the duration of the cold and reduce the symptoms. The herbs and vitamins listed below are the top five remedies that have scientific evidence ... Read More »

28082012-World Anger Day Contribution by Acupressure & Indian Natural remedies.Any other remedies?

so is this a question or telling us something. i think the second one. this is good information.

Natural repellants for mosquitos Natural remedies for bites.?

Avon skin so soft body oil works really well, even better than DEET, at least it always has for me. There is something about the scent that bugs hate. As for the bites, try a paste of baking soda a... Read More »

I'm getting a cold, anybody got any good remedies?

There is no way to get rid of it, however there are a lot of good ways of helping it clear up that little bit faster, or at very least make you feel better;-Drink lots of water.-Drinking hot ginger... Read More »