Any DIY Deep Conditioners?

Answer Egg & Limon just use one egg & one limon mix it together so far i have only used this twice put it in your head && leavine in in for 20 mins & it has let my hair soft and shiner its also left it m... Read More »

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Homemade deep conditioners for african american hair?

Yes it would! although I'm white, my sister is half african american, so I might be able to help.She uses coconut oil (yes, store bought for consumption). Coconut oil is very effective :)

How many gallons of water do you need to fill a 14 x 24 ft pool so the deep end is about 5 and a half ft deep and the shallow end is 3 ft deep?

%REPLIES% Answer 10,710. Answer 10,710. The calculation for a rectangle pool is: ((Shallow end depth + deep end depth) / 2) * length * width) = pool volume in cubic feetPool cubic feet * 7.5 = ga... Read More »

How many gallons are in an in-ground pool that is 40 by 20 with the shallow end being 3ft deep and the deep end being 9ft deep?

An educated guess based upon the information given would be 38,000 to 40,000 gallon depending upon the taper of the pool. Answer It may be closer to 36,000 gal.

How deep is too deep for a farm pond?

According to the University of Arkansas, a farm pond that is too deep risks reaching porous sediment, which can cause the pond to leak water into the ground. Additionally, ponds which are too deep ... Read More »