Any BIG vegan groups on Facebook?

Answer Yes =3Google:Vegan OutreachMercy For AnimalsCompassion Over KillingEat Vegan on $4 dollars a dayFarm SanctuaryAnimal PlaceEvolve Campaigns Wood Stock Farm Animal SanctuaryIf you want a vegetarian f... Read More »

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How to Display My Groups on Facebook?

A Facebook group is a special Facebook area that any member can create. Once you create a Facebook group, you can add other Facebook users to the group so they can share pictures and other content.... Read More »

Can you create groups in facebook?

Don't add people you don't know.. You can make a group and call it something like "Friends we don't know", A group for meeting new friends...???

How to Join Groups on Facebook?

For people that are new to Facebook and may not know how to join groups/like pages. Here's how!

How to Edit Officers on Facebook Groups?

If you're an admin of an old Facebook group, you can make other members into officers. Officers aren't the same as admins. Admins can invite or remove members and make changes to the group. Officer... Read More »