Anus bleeding should I go to the doctor?

Answer You haven't been getting dikkked in the asss have you? I was just checking since there is so much of that shittt going on these days. Hellll yeah, you should go get checked by a damn doctor! She... Read More »

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My anus won't stop bleeding...what should I do?

well its probably that the anus was stretched to far and let to a minor cut or wound. but it should be well in a couple of days. its just like taking a huge dump. or something like that. But to be ... Read More »

Should I call my doctor if I've had a Christmas Ornament stuck in my anus for two days Serious Answer?

Eye bleeding, should i see a doctor?

That's not a muscle. It's a fleshy protuberance that holds the upper and lower lacrimal canals that lead to the lacrimal duct. The lacrimal ducts control the flow of tears when you cry or cut up an... Read More »

My anus is bleeding!! Help!?