Antique Auto Body Tools?

Answer Antique auto body tools recount the early days of car manufacturing. Henry Ford, the great industrial giant, according to Eye Witness to History, was an example of early 20th-century entrepreneurs ... Read More »

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Auto Body Tools?

A collision or an errant shopping cart can both be reasons for needing a little body work on your car. Auto body repair specialists can fix entire sections of a car or just ding and dents. There ar... Read More »

Auto Body Sanding Tools?

Auto body repair requires numerous sanding tools--from power sanders to traditional sandpaper--for various tasks. For larger areas or deep sanding, professionals commonly use air sanders; for preci... Read More »

Auto Body Working Tools?

When an automobile gets into a bad wreck and serious damage to the car's body has occurred, it is very important to take the car into an auto body repair shop immediately. In order to ensure that t... Read More »

Tools for Auto Body Repair?

An auto body mechanic is a person who repairs both minor and major issues concerning the body of your vehicle. He repairs scratches, dents, rusted areas and some times touch up detailing on the pa... Read More »